1. Things I forgot to mention in my Katsucon videos:

    • My Pet Peeve: If you’re going to an ANIME convention, please dress up from an anime. I understand that there are people who don’t feel like cosplaying, and that’s understandable, I’m not referring to you guys. I’m talking more about those people who show up as Dr. Who and Sherlock. There were sooooo many of them, it was ridiculous and annoying. And I know that to cosplay means to just dress up as a character, but Katsucon is an anime convention, so please please please dress up from an anime. Thank you.
    • I find that there are more attractive cosplayers at Otakon than Katsucon; sorry.
    • I was sad that I didn’t get to fulfill my main objective of dancing my heart out to Pump It Up (I only got to play it once on Friday, not even to songs I knew/liked).
    • I wish I wasn’t so last minute with things and prepared another costume (I only cosplayed as Amu from Shugo Chara).
    • I just realized I forgot Amu’s red arm band (not like anyone noticed/cared).
    • I’m bad at posing, smiling, etc.
    • I forgot to get more publicity by handing out my cards to people I took photographs of.
    • I ate at Nando’s on Friday and Saturday (I absolutely loved their 100+ flavor soda machine!).
    • I ate at the maid cafe on Saturday (I made reservations). Sadly they no longer sell strawberry shortcake (I ordered that 2 years ago), so instead I got chocolate cake.
    • I only went to one workshop out of my entire schedule I prepared (and that was, “How to Wear Skimpy Costumes Modestly,” which was a nicely put together workshop; she was really entertaining and engaging, etc.). 
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    WOW. I’m sorry, but - guess what came before anime became a craze in the US? Star Trek, Star Wars, Comic Books, Dr. Who,...
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    they asked me to cosplay an anime character, and i looked back and said “NO”
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    Hey look guys Non Anime Cosplays in Comiket, a anime convention in Japan...
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    I am going to assume my manga version of Super Sailor Neptune doesn’t count because, you know, it isn’t the anime...
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